#100 - A Very Special Episode*


Welcome to the triple digits everyone! Thanks for coming along on this journey with us. Today we’re doing a “highlight reel” featuring the themes of this podcast. If you’re new to this podcast (or passing it along), below are a few links to episodes that touch on these themes.


Joy’s Themes

1. The greatest compliment you can give someone is to enjoy their company

  Episode sampling: 

Best Way to Destress Your Family

Enjoying the Middle School Years

101 Fun Things to Do as a Family

Enjoying Your Family

2. Be a team

  Episode sampling: 

Creating Your Family Identity

Marriage as a Team Sport 

3. Put issues in front NOT between

Episode sampling:

Five Questions About Marriage

Forgiveness in Marriage

4. Strategies are your friend

Episode sampling: 

Can You Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Parenting With A Positive Vision

5. Margins Matter (so build them into your life!)

Episode sampling:

When Is It Time To Quit?

Awkward Date Night

Billy’s Themes

1. Know thyself.

 Episode sampling:

Discovering Your Default Operating Systems

Practicing Vulnerability In Marriage

2. Don't do this alone.

 Episode sampling:

Don't Do Life Alone

10 Newborn Principles

3. Be the one that models the way to be in conflict.

 Episode sampling:

Respect in marriage

Fighting With Your Kids 

4. Keep the long view.

 Episode sampling:

Keystone Habits For Healthy Families

Erasing Fear From Parenting

5. Make the most of the time you have.

Episode sampling: 

One Piece of Data That Blew Our Minds

A Parent's Most Fundamental Role

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*but not in a parental advisory, creepy kind of way!


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