#33 - Enjoying Your Family


Somewhere between the sleepless nights and high school graduation, parents often lose the “fun” part of their family. As understandable as this loss is, who really wants to settle for drudgery? In this episode Billy and Joy talk about what kills the fun and then talks about approaches to maximizing the enjoyment with your team. 

Take a listen and if you need a quick reminder of their list, here you go:

  1. Defend against the return of the bad habits (or to put in a positive way, get your rest, maintain margin, avoid comparisons, stop complaining, & manage expectations)
  2. Articulate “Fun” as a goal
  3. Lean into your kids for ideas -- kids come naturally to play -- PLAY WITH THEM (If you need specific ideas, download episode #10)
  4. Make a plan
  5. Celebrate often
  6. Lighten up the pressure.

Talk about this:

Do we have all the joy we desire in our family? What needs to change?

Also remember…

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Joy Phenix