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#145 - Facing Flaws In Marriage

Have you ever considered how easy it is to find flaws in other people and how challenging it is to see our own faults? Even though this bias is natural, it’s not very helpful in a marriage. Today’s discussion breaks apart this phenomenon and challenges us to dig a little deeper into our individual issues. Fun, right? Listen in if you dare!

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#139 - Respond Vs React: How to Keep Your Cool (Replay)

Do you ever lose your cool?  Have you ever felt like you have one nerve left and everyone is standing on it?  If you’re like us, it’s easy to react to people and circumstances reflexively – to give full range to impatience, frustration, or anger.

In this summer replay episode Billy and Joy kick around the idea of responding rather than reacting to the things that bug us.

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#119 - Improving Your Marriage Through Better Systems

Have you ever been at a store or at a government agency and been completely frustrated with how poorly the place was run? If so, then you’ve come across this principle: A lack of organization leads to relational tension.This is true not only with service organizations - it’s true in our marriages. In this episode we’ll  discuss how you can make your marriage better simply by improving some of your systems.

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