#99 - Asking Kids Better Questions


Have your kids ever clammed up when you ask them questions? Do you feel like it’s been ages since you’ve heard more than a one-word answer? Perhaps there’s a better way to chat with our kids.

In this episode we discuss five principles for starting great conversations.

1st PRINCIPLE: Question for interest 
If it’s important to your kids, it should be important to you.

2nd PRINCIPLE: Question for stories
Bring out the storyteller in your child

3rd PRINCIPLE: Question for the long view
Anchoring your kid to family identity

4th PRINCIPLE: Question for insight
Checking your child’s gauges

5th PRINCIPLE: Question for opinion
Learning what your kid really thinks

Talk about this:

What are the most common questions you ask your kids? Do they reflect your values?

Which of the five principles do you need to incorporate into your repertoire?

How can you remember to ask better questions?

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