#38 - Keystone Habits of Healthy Families


We all have habits. We all do little things daily that add up to something bigger than we expect. In this episode Billy and Joy talk about Charles Duhigg’s concepts around Keystone Habits and how little efforts can make a big difference in our relationships and with our families. Take a listen and find small victories you can have with little changes! 

Talk about this:

What ills do you see in your marriage / family that might improve in the presence of a good keystone habit?

What Keystone habits do you ALREADY do?

What others might you try adding on?

Remember – just introduce one new habit at a time!!

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If you love this topic, we highly recommend Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit. 

Listen to Duhigg’s TED Talk here.

The Jerry Seinfeld “Don’t Break The Chain” calendar explained here.  

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