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#154 - Uncovering Family Narrative

Have you ever considered how your fellow family members describe your family? Have you ever asked them what they think about when they think about each other? If you’ve ever told a classic family story (e.g., the time the car died, or the dog was lost) chances are you noticed how different the narrative is from one person to the next. In fact, for stories we don’t say out loud the narratives can vary even more wildly – and sometimes not in the best way. In today’s podcast we discuss how those stories can shape our family life and what to do if they go negative.

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#153 - Owning Your Parenting Flaws

Chances are your kids know your flaws better than you do. Of course, they can’t (or won’t) put the most helpful words around those flaws, so we thought we’d give you a way into some insights. In fact, this episode gives you a dozen questions to think about, wrestle with, and squirm through as you own your flaws! Take a listen if you dare!!

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#143 - Avoiding The Monotony Of Parenting

Are you bored at home? Does the monotony of your routine zap all of your enthusiasm for parenting? You are not alone! We polled our listeners and compiled their best ideas for beating the monotony and enjoying the days more. Although this list may not be groundbreaking, each idea is a reminder that there are ways to find joy in the little moments and small wins of each day.

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#139 - Respond Vs React: How to Keep Your Cool (Replay)

Do you ever lose your cool?  Have you ever felt like you have one nerve left and everyone is standing on it?  If you’re like us, it’s easy to react to people and circumstances reflexively – to give full range to impatience, frustration, or anger.

In this summer replay episode Billy and Joy kick around the idea of responding rather than reacting to the things that bug us.

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#138 - The Most Insightful Parenting Movie Quote We Know

I don’t know about you, but quoting movies is one of our favorite hobbies. We love when characters say EXACTLY what’s on our mind. In this episode we kick around a classic exchange between parents that convicts, challenges, AND entertains us. You might want to check out the link below before you listen to this episode so you can “see” what we’re talking about.

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