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#139 - Respond Vs React: How to Keep Your Cool (Replay)

Do you ever lose your cool?  Have you ever felt like you have one nerve left and everyone is standing on it?  If you’re like us, it’s easy to react to people and circumstances reflexively – to give full range to impatience, frustration, or anger.

In this summer replay episode Billy and Joy kick around the idea of responding rather than reacting to the things that bug us.

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#119 - Improving Your Marriage Through Better Systems

Have you ever been at a store or at a government agency and been completely frustrated with how poorly the place was run? If so, then you’ve come across this principle: A lack of organization leads to relational tension.This is true not only with service organizations - it’s true in our marriages. In this episode we’ll  discuss how you can make your marriage better simply by improving some of your systems.

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#106 - 12 Garbage Habits in Marriage

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to trash a place? Without constant maintenance it feels like garbage would take over our lives. The same is true in our marriage – little habits and behaviors creep into our relationship that can eventually trash the connection with our spouse. In this episode Billy and Joy review the “Dirty Dozen” of marriage garbage and offer some ways to see if any of them are cluttering your relationship.

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#104 - Coming To Grips With Your Spouse's Imperfection

Have you ever noticed your spouse is flawed? Of course this is a rhetorical question, but as couples say their vows, it’s easy to minimize those flaws. Don’t we all hope for a seamless compatibility to rule the day? But what do you do when as life progresses and the frustrations mount? How do you cope with the imperfections you always seem to notice in your spouse?

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#97 - Forgiveness in Marriage

Has your spouse ever hurt you? Or have you ever done anything to hurt your spouse? No matter how great your marriage, there will be times where forgiveness is required. But even when you recognize this as true, the actual FORGIVING isn’t easy.

In this episode we discuss not only why you should forgive your spouse but some practical ways to build a habit of forgiveness.

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#84 - Getting to the bottom of disagreements

Have you ever found yourself arguing with your spouse about little things? Do you feel compelled to fight about your opinions or refuse to let go of insignificant slights? Every couple has their share of arguments, but they don’t need to turn into relationship-busting warfare.

In this episode, Billy and Joy offer a word picture for getting to the bottom of disagreements and hopefully give you something meaningful to discuss. Take a listen!


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#77 - The Danger of Building Your Life Around Your Kids

Have you ever felt like your children rule your life? Of COURSE they require a ton of care and nurturing, but have they become the core of your family? The temptation to build the family around the kids is one of the easiest things for parents to slip into. In this episode Billy and Joy discuss the dangers of child-centric parenting and how to see if you’re inadvertently living that life!

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