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#118 - Why You Should Cultivate Independence In Your Kids

Doesn’t every parent want his or her kid to become independent? While this seems like an obvious “yes,” many parents interrupt their children’s growth process by making life too easy for them. When we fall into the trap of removing hardships and shortening challenges we rob our kids of lessons they will need for life outside the home.

It’s a big topic and we hope today’s discussion challenges your thinking!

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#103 - Tips For Parenting Your Future Teenager

Ready or not, your young children will soon become teenagers. For most of us, this means our parenting journey will feel like peddling a bike up a long, steep hill. If you want to be ready, you’ll build momentum for the teenage challenge during the elementary school years. In this podcast, we’ll discuss what that means with practical ideas and starting points!

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#47 - Discussing Current Events with Kids

The world is a crazy place!

Like every generation before, today’s parents have to process difficult news with their kids. But where do we start? What do we say? How can we explain events we don’t fully understand?

In today’s podcast, Billy and Joy talk about principles parents should consider as they process current events with their kids. How do we lead our family well - and wisely - when we are emotionally charged ourselves?

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#36 - Creating Your Family Identity

Have you ever heard of a nameless team…or of a team without logos, colors, and songs? These are common tools used to identify groups, to rally individuals and to galvanize fans. When you see people sporting a particular mascot on the back of their car, you learn something about them. In this episode, Billy and Joy talk about the importance AND the process of creating a family identity.

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