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#110 - Making The Engagement Season Great

You’re engaged! Congratulations!! Let the fun begin!

A great thought! However, for many people who recently popped the question and said “yes,” the months before the wedding isn’t an easy season. Why is that? On today’s episode we’ll kick around what can make engagement season challenging and some practical ways to take off the pressure.

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#29 - "Mosquitos" of Marriage

Abandonment, infidelity, abuse – it’s easy to name big issues that undermine relationships, but what about the little things? In this episode Billy & Joy talk about seemingly small habits and blind spots which can also threaten the health of our marriage. We call these behaviors “mosquitos” because while their stature is small, their negative impact is considerable.

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#11 - The Awkward Date Night

Even when we know feedback strengthens relationships, in a marriage it’s easy to give input out of anger, at the wrong time, or to avoid the process entirely. In this episode we discuss practical steps for getting feedback from your spouse and how this process can strengthen your relationship.

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#4 - A Practical Step Towards Prioritizing Marriage

Do you remember when you were first married and you felt good about connecting with your spouse? You enjoyed evenings together, having adventures, and in-depth conversations…then something happened.

For many people the “something” was having kids.

In this episode Billy and Joy talk about a couple of very practical (and admittedly unromantic) ideas for prioritizing your marriage.

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