#29 - "Mosquitos" of Marriage


Abandonment, infidelity, abuse – it’s easy to name big issues that undermine relationships, but what about the little things? In this episode Billy & Joy talk about seemingly small habits and blind spots which can also threaten the health of our marriage. We call these behaviors “mosquitos” because while their stature is small, their negative impact is considerable.

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Mosquitos are seriously the deadliest animal in the world. Check THIS out.  

Talk about this:

Identify the threats and consider, what are some of the “mosquito-sized” threats in this particular season of our marriage? (Remember, the threats can change throughout your marriage.


Quantity AND consistency of time

Failure to celebrate your spouse

Lingering resentments/keeping score

Failure to be a student of your spouse

Unidentified or unaddressed issues from the past

A lack of self-awareness

What are the practical ways we can “swat ‘em?”


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