#41 - 21 Conversation Starters for Families


Are you stuck in a car? Delayed at an airport? Or maybe you need a few questions to pick up a lagging conversation around the dinner table. Here are some favorite conversation starters.  These questions are perfect for the family (or a date night)! So keep the pause button handy or just refer to the list below.

1. Cast your family in a movie, who is playing each person?

2. Your radio/phone is broken and you can only play one song for a day/week/year what would it be?

3. You are moving to a new city and you have to change your look ENTIRELY - hair, clothes, style- what "look" do you do?

4. What picture do you like best of yourself when you were little?

5. If you could add one person to our family for a year, who would it be? why?

6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

7. What makes you happy?

8. Your cat/dog/pet is describing your family to others, what does it say?

9. It's your birthday! You're going to celebrate like a kindergartner - what will you plan?

10. The house is on fire! All people, pets, photographs, and phones are safe. You can grab five things. What do you take?

11. Fill in the blank: I wish our family did more ______.

12. Fill in the blank: I wish our family did less ______.

13. Describe yourself to someone you've never met what do you say? (EXTRA CHALLENGE - the person is blind so physical features don't matter!)

14. You're going to live in a remote cabin for a year -- you have basic living supplies, but no entertainment or luxuries. You can bring a backpack worth of things with you (nothing requiring power) - what do you pack?

15. You can get rid of one physical thing in the world, what would it be?

16. What do you like best about yourself?

17. What do you think is really cool in nature?

18. You can only eat one style of food for a year - breakfast, lunch, AND dinner - what kind of food would you choose?

19. If you could live in someone else's shoes for a week, who would you pick and why?

20. You have $1,000,000 to give away, but you couldn't give it to anyone in your family AND you have to give it to at least 3 people and/or organizations. Who would you give it to and why?

21. And finally - the bonus question -- You are a superhero... What is your superpower?

Here's to some great conversations!!  Have fun and let us know how it goes. You can chat back to us on instagram @betweenparents or on Facebook @betweenparentspodcast.  

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Joy Phenix