Seeing people through the storms


Have you ever thought the people who cross your paths and are really annoying might be deeply unhappy? Have you noticed the people who push others away are the ones who need community most?

I'm guessing these observations are not a huge leap for most people, but have you ever thought you, personally, could make a difference in their day?

Or, more important, have you ACTED as if you can make an impact on their day?

I don't believe in making people into projects; no one wants to be a DIY task.  However, I DO think each of us can behave in a way that helps others feel better.

We can ask the question, "How can I help?" We can say, "You first..." We can make another person's "deal" more important than our "deal."

Why should we do this?  This is not the way of our dog-eat-dog, every person for himself, quid-pro-quo culture.

We live in a society of deal-making, not of other-serving.

And yet, serving is where life takes on purpose and dimension.

Don't believe it?  Try living that way this week and report back.

Find someone who is walking through a storm and see if you can do something (anything) to encourage and lift their load. Look for a person who is struggling with heartache and loss and give them a bit of yourself.

Be vulnerable.  Be encouraging. Be extraordinary and see what happens!

Make this week about thankfulness AND giving.