Finding New Dishes To Eat

Some good friends moved into our area recently and shot me a text; they were looking for a nearby Thai restaurant. Alas, they discovered the reason I make the trek to Buford Highway so often; East Cobb county is sadly missing any decent ethnic food, especially Thai.

What to do?  What to do?

They didn't want to cook OR drive far, so they had to get creative.

To solve their "what's for dinner" dilemma, they decided to think differently about their regular options.  They went to the closest grocery store (Kroger) and changed their typical traffic pattern.

Instead of looking for what they could make, they looked for a dinner they could assemble.  Instead of shopping for their usual items, they tried to see what they could find right under their nose!

They took the routine and made some creative choices.

Charcuterie & antipasto for the win!

Image 2
Image 2

I don't know about you, but I don't spend enough time browsing for new dish options in my grocery store.  I experiment with new recipes, I eat at new restaurants, I order unfamiliar dishes, but I shop for food according to my list and my routines.

I'm afraid I've missed some hidden gems right under my nose!  This week I'm going to try looking in a different sections and seeing if there's something new to try.

Maybe I'll go for a new cheese or type of ham or...

I don't know!  Where should I branch out?