Remember your manners


Our family went out to breakfast and this sign posted by the register made me sad. This small-town, family-owned restaurant apparently deals with some obnoxious patrons.

If you can judge the character of a person based on how they treat their servers ("The Waiter Rule"), we would all be wise to remember our manners.

However I hate to admit, especially in the travel rush, I forget my manners too. I don’t always slow down and notice the people who drive the shuttle, handle my luggage, or keep the airport restrooms clean. I don’t always look up and notice the person taking tolls, parking cars, or bussing the table.

While this doesn’t qualify as “abuse,” I certainly can do more to be thoughtful and polite.

Noticing others and expressing gratitude should be a DAILY theme, but it especially should be our operating instructions this week.

Remember, when stopping by any retail establishment, notice the people serving you. They are working hard for their livelihood and deserve respect and gratitude.