#54 - Toddler 101: Parenting Through the Early Years


“Believe it or not, you will survive toddler hood.” People may tell you this, but some days it’s hard to believe. In this episode, Billy & Joy go through 20 practical tips for making the most of these very fast (and exhausting) years.

Here are the headlines:

  1. Know the difference between asking questions versus making statements
  2. When you DO give choices (and you should) make sure you are happy with the options
  3. Pick your battles (especially over food, clothes, toys)
  4. Follow up on threats & promises
  5. Customize your discipline
  6. Value the time at the dinner table
  7. Figure out when you (the parent) are getting a break
  8. Get outside
  9. No electronics in the car, at the dinner table, or restaurant
  10. Practice emotions
  11. Have your core value statements in place
  12. Ask more questions than you answer
  13. Have a thick skin
  14. Pay attention fast
  15. Build in extra time
  16. Practice manners
  17. Use your words - keep them positive
  18. Remember to play
  19. Stay calm
  20. Pay attention to your marriage

Talk about this:

1 Which of these practices do we feel like we're doing well? Where can we improve?

2 What would YOU add to the list?

3 - If you have a toddler, whom are you leaning into for wisdom or community? What system do you have to connect with them?

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