#21 - Strategies for Kids & Food


Getting your kids to eat three meals a day can be stressful. How do you manage to get the right things into their bellies? On this week’s podcast Billy & Joy move beyond the two biggest factors (Environment & Modeling) and talk strategy.

This is the list… (listen to the episode for full context!)

1 - Recognize cycles -

2. Continue exposure

3. Don't make it a battle

4. Plate the family food - this helps w/#3

5. Use a variety of names for

6. Enlist their help

7. Let them help in the meal prep.

8. Praise tastings!

9. Season separately

10. Leverage unique things their friends eat

11. INVEST in your skills -- 

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Talk about this… actually, this week just try something new! Let us know what you discover! 

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