#117 – Parenting With The End In Mind


How will your kids describe your family when they are grown? How will they characterize the high points and low points? For parents, it helps to start the journey with the end in mind.  In this episode, we’ll review a few categories to consider and discuss as you start a new year!

Talk About This:

Imagine your kids as adults completing the following sentences. What would you like them to say?

  1. My mom and/or Dad were consistently ________.

  2. I admired the way my family __________.

  3. I appreciate how my parents intentionally taught me to _______. (Consider both hard and soft skills)

  4. I wish my family had done more _________ (or done less)

  5. When we disagreed with each other we usually _______.

  6. I know I was loved because __________.

Review with your spouse or community what you need to start doing and what do you need to stop doing to make sure you’re on the path to your desired outcome?

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