#16 - Eight Questions for a Great Marriage


Do you make New Year’s resolutions? How about at the office, do you set annual goals? People expect to make evaluations and think about how to grow in these areas, but it’s not always common to consider how to make our marriages better.

In this episode, we give you a few questions to ask each other to get any year off to a great start.

These aren’t all encompassing, but they should get you thinking. And remember, to watch your pronouns…this is a “we” discussion!

The 8 Questions

Evaluate what’s past…

  1. This past year did it seem like we controlled our schedules & money, or did our money and schedules control us?
  1. How well did we communicate with each other this year? What needed to be said more or less often?
  1. What are some of the best decisions we made to improve our marriage? What decisions should we have made differently?
  1. What were three of our best and challenging moments together this year?

Plan for what’s ahead

  1. What must we do to control our schedules & money, so they won’t control us?
  1. Which key people will we listen to for marriage and family advice next year? What specific plans must we make to ensure that happens?
  1. What do we need to START and what do we need to STOP doing to help our relationship? 
  1. What will we do to “nurture romance” in our marriage?

Odds & Ends….

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