Working Smarter

How to work better
How to work better

"You have more than three tabs open!"Josh Phenix, 11

There's an art exhibit in New York, underwritten by the Public Art Fund called How to Work Better.  The ten steps are painted on the side of a building in lower Manhattan (Houston & Mott St) as a reminder to all who pass to stick to the basics.

The artists, Peter Fischeli and David Weiss discovered this list years ago in a ceramic shop in Thailand.  Since then the duo has been popularizing the thoughts by painting them on postcards, book covers, and in office buildings.

When I first saw the list I took a quick inventory of where I need to grow.  Certainly, I thought, some of these areas I do well.

Then I read the list through again...and gave myself grades

#1 - F #2 - C #3 - C- #4 - C #5 - B - #6 - B #7 - B #8 - F/A (depending on editing time) #9 - B #10 - A (I like smiling...)

I'm not feeling great about my GPA, but I appreciate the reminder that I am a work in progress.

Where do you need to do some work?