Physics Phun

"It just happened that the public happened to appreciate the satirical quality of these crazy things."

Rube Goldberg

I have a thing for Rube Goldberg machines.

I love people who have so much time on their hands and such an abundance of patience that they figure out how to entertain the rest of us with crazy contraptions designed to do simple tasks.

My previous favorites - O.K. Go and The Page Turner - may have lost their first place to this video.  My son and I watched it multiple times and are plotting how we can do this on our own.  We have enough spaghetti and dominoes, but we might be lacking a few other supplies...

Unlike the other examples which go on for one continuous long-shot, this video is clearly edited after each section. Still, seeing the edits doesn't diminish the coolness one little bit.

Time to shop for some magnets!