Why Your Kids Don't Mind Your Failures


Do you ever feel as if you would flunk the most basic parenting test? Have you ever demonstrated a list of bad behaviors for your kids with such clarity that they can't help but copy you?  I'm talking about giving a thorough entry course on snotty behavior with an added bonus of massive impatience?  Have you ever worn frustration so close to the surface your kids can't do anything right?

Are you ever categorically unfair at every behavioral turn? Please tell me it's not just me...

I had this type of parenting "fail" day recently. In fact, when I realized my kids were showing more patience with my behavior than I was with theirs, I had to do a reset.  I realized I needed to talk to them about my bad decisions and ask for forgiveness.

During the reset conversation I told my daughter, "I'm sorry I'm not a perfect Mom for you today."

Without missing a beat, she looked me in the eye and said, "You're NEVER perfect Mom, but that doesn't make me love you less."

That little exchange pretty much sums up the parenting experience for me...

Humbling Refining Loving Surprising Candid Hysterical Sweet and Forgiving

I'm determined to remember this conversation the next time I'm ashamed by my less-than-stellar parenting moments.  I want to pass this along to every other parent who is tempted to beat themselves up over the "misses' and lose sight of the wins.

Kids don't need the perfect version of us (as if that were possible), they need to experience how we work through our failures.

Stay engaged, especially on the bad days, and the kids will love you for it.