How well do you innovate?

I know, this is just a commercial, pushing a car that most of us don't need and can't afford. However, I love, love, LOVE the ingenuity of this spot.

Imagine the creative meeting where people start reviewing how a Mercedes offers a better ride than other cars?  What sets the car apart from other luxury vehicles?

There's probably a white board in the room and people are looking at the list of unique Benz features. Maybe the creative team picks out each item and brainstorms how to demonstrate the  feature in a unique way.

I imagine a woman sitting at the table and when she sees the word "stabilize" she remembers learning how chickens naturally stabilize their heads.  Maybe she grew up on a farm or saw this video on Youtube.

Whatever the case, she says, "how about using a chicken to show what the car can do?"

The room goes quiet for half a second before everyone bursts out laughing.

Have. You. Lost. Your. Mind?

She explains herself and suddenly everyone laughs WITH her rather than AT her.

Boom!  Brilliant!

Creative meeting over and this spot comes to life.

What does it take for you to show up at a meeting and offer something THIS outlandish?  How comfortable are you at making ridiculous suggestions that just might provide a breakthrough?

Whenever I consider dialing my ideas back, I think about the nut who wrote "Hump Day" or the dreamer who thinks about swimming snow men.

When I think about their courage to be innovative, to take risks, to go a little rouge in the conversation, I am inspired to do the same.

What encouragement do you need to think differently?  What feeds your risk-taking tendencies?