The Best Gift For Moms

"My Mother had a great deal of trouble with me.  I think she enjoyed it." Mark Twain


When you’re a little kid, you believe your Mom when she tells you she doesn’t want anything for her birthday except a card.  When you’re five, you KNOW you have excellent art skills, so who WOULDN’T want a fabulous homemade card?

A lack of materialism and childhood creativity are a fabulous combination.

Mom laughs and recognizes your pride in questionable art as one of the best gifts ever.

Then the rest of life happens and you show up for Mom’s Birthday with crazy-shaped candles, heavily-scented lotions, or tacky costume jewelry.  Maybe you experiment with a sassy hat or a trendy purse. Occasionally you miss the mark; there was a year where I made Mom a decoupage trashcan using an old ice cream bucket. (What. In. The. World.)

But for me, more often than not, Mom seems genuinely happy with her day.

Today is my Mom’s ___ Birthday (fill in the blank with a young, but still qualifies for the “Senior Discount” number.)

By now, Mom knows how I’ve settled into a gift routine that is as predictable (an outfit at Mother’s Day, stocking the Kindle for her Birthday) as it is practical.  I’m again at an age where I believe her when she says she doesn’t require much; that she’d just as soon get a homemade card.

I believe this because some of Mom’s favorite things are words (this is why she so joyfully edits my blog!) which is why today, of all days, she deserves to know…

Her life makes a difference. Her prayers are valued. Her thoughtfulness is noticed. Her love is cherished. She is dearly loved.

I don’t say these things to her often enough, but I always feel them.

My Mom is amazing, and I’m grateful for her life and her willingness to embrace even the worst of gifts and that she sees through to her child’s heart.

If you know my mom, I hope you’ll give her some of your best words as well.  Go ahead and skip the decoupage crafts...