Ignore the Riff Raff


Do you recall the classic scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark where Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is confronted by a swordsman in an Arab marketplace? In the previous scenes Jones had survived a harrowing chase through incredible physical skills and the deft use of his whip.  However, in this instance, Indiana watches the swordsman take out his weapon to show off his fancy skills, then Indiana shrugs, takes out his gun and unceremoniously shoots him.

Apart from the cleverness of a well-written scene and the political "guns are better than swords" argument, the message I always read into the bit was to dismiss the riff raff as quickly as possible; not to get distracted by the bluster of others.  Acknowledge, dismiss, then move on...

I don't know about you, but for me this is easier said than done.

I can't help but notice when people subtly (or not so subtly) roll their eyes at my perspective.  I see when the path I take seems out of step with others and notice the dismissiveness of those who don't buy into my vision. I hear the disagreements and am impressed by the fancy arguments and know my best response is  NOT to argue, but to move along.

However, the temptation to engage is tremendous.

I want to be heard.  I want to win the tug-of-war with those who disagree.  I mistakenly believe if I explain myself more thoroughly, I will be understood.

Then reality walks into view.

There is no such thing as perfect buy-in. There is no such thing as being "fully" supported.

I should expect opposition and not squander my time trying to convince every naysayer about the potential of my dreams.

I think of the Winston Churchill quote, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks” and remember not to be distracted by those who are yapping at my heels.

Do you anticipate opposition in your life?  Do you expect people to stand in your way?

Who is telling you, "you can't" ? Who is saying, "you never will"?

Why do they have permission to speak into your life?

Why are you letting them in?

Think about these questions the next time someone shows up in your life flashing their sword skills!