Say Yes More

"I'm no longer sure what the question is, but I do know that that the answer is Yes." Leonard Bernstein


"No" is a good word.

No protects boundaries and makes diets works. It keeps relationships secure and the calendar reasonably clear.

There is an art to the simple, unexplained no.

Still, saying no is often the path of least resistance.

No is the way we insulate ourselves from growth.

Don't believe me?  Try this experiment...

Instead of leading with no this week, try seven days where you start with "Yes!" (Using the exclamation point, of course)

Let's practice, just to make sure you're ready when the questions come up.

Do you think we should try a different approach to that deal?    Yes! We should try!

Do you want to try that new restaurant?    Yes! Why not?

Can I do an art project?    Yes! Of course!

Would you meet me for coffee?    Yes! That would be great!

Do you think we let him/her/them try _____??    Yes! Let's try!

No is easy. No is safe. No is what most people say.

Will you try something new by saying "yes" to Yes for seven days?

_______ (Fill in your answer here!)

Well done!