How do you respond when death dies?


Death is a problem. We see it coming and need to face the nagging question about why we have to go there – over the edge, down in the ground, away from all we know, love, and even hate.

Even more troubling is the thought, did our 70/80 odd trips around the sun matter?

If we’re honest, we can’t help but fear that death may be The End.

Unless we think Jesus beats death.

When you believe in Jesus’ resurrection, everything changes.

Fear doesn’t go away if you think he was a great prophet or rabbi; it doesn’t go away because he was insightful, loving, or a good guy.

Jesus erases fear because he killed death.

Three days in the tomb, then he’s alive.

I don’t understand how this happened any more than I understand E=mc2, but there are scholars aplenty who handle the historical evidence debate. David Searls had it right when he wrote,

“Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean.”

The tomb is empty.

When you trust Jesus, when you cast your hopes on his grace, truly, all fear is gone. A celebration is most definitely in order!

Happy Easter.