Now is not the time to worry

Worry is a funny thing.  We THINK we know how something is going to go, but we don't really. In fact, even when days start out poorly, there's plenty of time to recover.  We get to pick our attitude! That said, I know Monday can be a challenging way to start any week.

Maybe we didn't rest over the weekend.

Perhaps our football team let us down (or gave us a heart attack!).

It could be that the week ahead feels overwhelming.

Or maybe the alarm goes off so stinking early you can't help but hate the world (or maybe that's just me!).

If your morning, day, or week gets off to a rough start, I want you to think about the video below.

This boat launching has all of the trappings of an event going terribly, terribly wrong.  What kind of case did a navel engineer need to make in order to push the boat into the water SIDEWAYS?

And yet, boats, even very large boats, are designed to weather extreme conditions.

You are also designed to weather rough waters.

Mondays are no match for you! The big report you have due - psshaw!  You OWN that report. Whether you realize it or not, you are ready for the tough conversation, the delays in your plans, and the bumps in the road. And the little parking ticket -- mail the stupid fine and don't give it another thought.

Don't let a rough start throw you off.

You can take more than today will give you.  Be inspired!