I Believe I Can Fly

These days I typically have more sense than energy. That's probably a good thing.

There aren't many things that honestly make me wish to be in my twenties again.  However, this video gives me pause.  I know if my brother had been doing this "back in the day" and if I had had the resources to make this happen, I'd be ALL OVER tracking down and hanging with these Skyliners...


This video reminds us about the sense of adventure that's part of our make-up.

Along the way, life's busyness can lull us out of adventures - i.e., "I'd love to go bungee jumping, but I've got to drive the kids to piano lessons."

Sometimes we simply grow out of our "youthful" adventurousness ...and we feel lucky to be alive to tell about it.  Another reasons is sense.  On those days where we stare off in space and long for the carefree, risk-riddled days of our youth, we must also remember that courage paired with sense is often better than courage paired with energy! (Exhibit A).

What "adventure" have you grown out of?  Which ones should you still be doing?


Today is the day we wrap up our family RV adventure.  I can't wait to tell you about it, but until I get back in front of the computer, I hope you enjoy this fabulous video!