10 Steps Closer to Mastering Technology


I have just enough information to be dangerous in a technical world. Trust me on this.

I'm proficient at downloading all kinds of cool things (Find Friends, to the right,  being one of them!), but then they lay dormant after a few uses. I know enough about blogging to get my posts up with a reasonable order of assembly, but when people start talking about Bounce Rates or SEO plug-ins, my footing gets unsteady.

I've been in lots of technical danger, teetering on the brink of complete digital meltdown, and if it wasn't for my husband and the oh-so-patient Dan W in IT, I'd have crashed and burned ages ago.

And while I gladly acknowledge most of my problems are rooted in "user error" and insufficient time with the owner's manual, what I've come to appreciate is how utterly ill-prepared we are when getting a new tech toy. I specifically recall starting my instagram account and not having a clue what the buttons meant. I looked all over for a help button or a tutorial and found nothing.

Apparently the engineers trust that people like me will just "figure it out."

Such is the story for so many of our devices. That's why I love the talk by David Pouge from the New York Times. He gives 10 great "basic" tips which will teach even the seasoned pro something (Billy, Dan, I'm talking to you and your buddies!).

I dare you to watch and learn something (and laugh a little)!

Pretty neat, huh?!

Which were your favorites? (Spoiler - mine is the FAA shortcut!) Did he miss any I should know? I'm curious...