How to Add Awe to Your Life

If you're like me, you're probably guilty of over-using the word "awesome." Perhaps we can blame the Californication of America (that's where "dude" started, right?). Or, maybe we are so eager to feel "awe," we pass out the word from sheer enthusiasm alone.

Either way, when something is truly awe-inspiring, we don't just say, "WOW"; we actually think differently; our mind gets rewired.  Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.  The guy on this video explains that once we create a comfort zone, we rarely step out of that zone, and as a result, we don't "breath in" life.

His theory is when we become numb to the present, we miss the chance to be "absolutely ravished" by the amazing world around us.

If you haven't had your cup of coffee today, you might not need it after watching the marked passion in this speaker.  Buckle up.

If you have a reaction like mine, you'll want to watch it again.  Go ahead!

My favorite line is, "we have a responsibility to awe."

Do you agree?

(Thanks Kathy for sharing this with me!)