Have a Play Day!

“When he worked, he really worked.But when he played, he really PLAYED.” Dr. Seuss

Many of you have the day off - so how are you going to spend it?

Don't let it slip away in front of the computer or staring at your phone; DO something - anything - move!

May I suggest Geocaching?

Or building a fort?

Or a real house of cards?

Perhaps you should build an ambitious race track.

Or take the family zip-lining.

If it's raining, cook something tasty with the kids, or by yourself.

A photo scavenger hunt is always a great option too!

I am unplugging and paying attention to the short people in the family and NOT laboring on things that don't bring me joy.

I'm pretty sure the dog will be up for a game of fetch and I could find someone who will want to buy an ice cream with me.  Mmmm. That's always fun...

Build some memories today!