Happiness as an attitude

"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Riegler


On a Monday, post football season, in the dead of winter, it's easy to get the blues.

Don't do it.

Make an effort to choose an attitude of happiness. If you don't know where to start, take your eye off problematic macro-topics (global warming, the election, why there's no guacamole emoji) and instead decide to take a posture of gratitude over the gifts and blessings of the day.

They don't have to be major, life-changing, Superbowl-winning kinds of blessings. Look at the little things and be grateful.

For the past couple of weeks I've been starting my day making lists of (mostly) little things for which I'm thankful, and it's amazing how the exercise sets up my attitude for the day.

A happy dog

Clean water

Hot showers

A perfectly ripe avocado

Great neighbors

Shoes which fit

Tea with milk

Public education

Seat warmers

Loofah sponges

The Taco Emoji

English muffins


Blue sky


Calvin & Hobbes

Puffy clouds

Mandarin oranges


Book lights


The public library

Clean sheets

Nine remaining toes

Round brushes


Instant Pot



Palm Trees

Volcano candles


The Pacific

Some days the list starts off a little slow, but once I get started, it's tough to stop. Continuing is, after all, the point.

Look at the numbers on your keyboard and mentally find one item to be grateful for across the  numbers.  ten quick thoughts, make them small things. Consider how much better life is because they exist.

Aren't we all a little better off because of lady bugs?

I thought so...

Work at your outlook today. Ditch misery, fear, and general negativity in favor of gratitude.  There's a whole bunch of beauty waiting for your attention!