How Do You Find Great Writing?

“My gratitude for good writing is unbounded;I’m grateful for it the way I’m grateful for the ocean.” Anne Lamott


How do you decide what you're going to read?

One time I decided to read every Pultizer Prize winning novel thinking that would be a "sure thing."  I made it through most of the list only to discover the prize winners were not necessarily awarded for their best work (e.g., Willa Cather won for One of Ours rather than My Antonia).

I thought about tackling the National Book Awards, but then I saw a couple of John Updike novels... I. Just. Couldn't.

You have to love Swedish authors to get the most out of the Nobel prize.

I tried Oprah's recommendations, but found too many of the selections to be depressing.  So, as much as I love lists, (and you KNOW how I love lists!)  I don't think there's one perfectly suited for me.

As a result,  I figure out my reads either by raiding friends' book shelves (thank you Sue), sending text messages to people I trust (Kathy and Patty, I'm looking at you!), or raiding my pre-teen's book shelf.  (Don't knock it - found A Wrinkle In Time, Chronicles of Narnia, Wonder all there!)

However, with only three school days left, I'm officially floundering for the summer reading list.

Do you have your (FICTION) picks selected?

Please share and tell me why it's on your list!