Getting the most from today

"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."Thomas Jefferson


Monday's back and I hope you're excited about the potential of today.

Today is when life happens.

Even if you're in a season of stress or waiting, your life is happening now.

Life doesn't begin when you're starting something new or ending something messy.  (If you're like me, your life is always at least a little messy.)

Sometimes I forget that movement doesn't have to wait for perfect moments.

When I get sidetracked by distractions, disappointments, or the the sheer volume of loose ends, I hesitate; I wait for clarity when what I really need is to get going, to move.

This is why I love new weeks.  Mondays are great for jumping into action.

Fire up the engines. Buckle Up. Roll down the windows and scream out the window, "WOOHOO!"

Take on the week like your life depends on it.

Mondays are amazing because they give us all the chance to embrace the possibilities of today - this week - this month - this SEASON of life.

Make the most of it!!