Freedom to Live

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safetydeserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

I love this man, Jack, who lives in the Ventana Wilderness in Northern California.  It appears his wife, if you watch the video closely, called him "scrumptious," and as he is 93, I would call him an inspiration.

This quick story is a profile of a humble guy who just wants a little peace and quiet and lives five miles from the nearest road just to find it.  He lives alone, chops his own wood and makes violin bows.

Did I mention he's 93? As in SEVEN years shy of 100.  Warren G. Harding was president when he was born!

What in the world is he doing living in the middle of nowhere? Exactly what he wants.

If you're walking through the world afraid of taking risks, think about Jack walking his very own path.  If a ninety-three-(93!!!)-year-old can live his dream, surely you can as well.