A NYC Tutorial

I've never lived in New York City - continuously. However, I'm in the city most months, almost always for short business trips, but sometimes I actually stay awhile and take in a sight or two.  Most of the time I love my visits (see this post for my list), but THIS video takes all that I love and turns it into eye candy.

In fact, if you're planning to visit NYC, this is the definitive guide on spots to hit.

View in full screen mode, volume up and get ready to Rumble and Sway!

Did you catch all that?  Here's the quick list:

Central Park Empire State Building Freedom Tower Times Square Theater District Wall St. Bryant Park Grand Central Station Subways Brooklyn Flushing Meadows Hudson River East River HighlineStatue of Liberty The Village Chrysler Building

I think that would fill a weekend and I haven't even started on food options!!

Anything missing? Do tell...