Enjoying the imperfect path

"I don't think the right question is, 'is the path perfect?'It's probably, 'Is this somewhere I'd like to go?'"Seth Godin

where to go
where to go

I don't know about you, but when it comes to work I can't see very far down the path I'm on.

My steps aren't well marked. My plans aren't sure. I improvise more than I'd like.

If I think about the ditches on either side of this road, well, hmmmm.  Let's just say I'd rather not look there.

If you're like me, uncertainty makes me uncomfortable. I like plans. I enjoy control. Order is a good thing.

And yet, adventures always come with imperfect paths and unanswered questions. This is, after all, why we all choose new paths, right?

And so, this week, I have PRE-decided to walkdance toward the messy, challenging, uncharted, ridiculous paths this life holds. I have PRE-decided to be enthusiastic, teachable, kind. I want to remember that the quality of the path doesn't matter,  just the worthiness of the destination.

Won't you join me?