Dining Out: Bread & Butterfly

Like many people, I romanticize Paris. The mere thought of sitting in a bistro eating a steak pommes frites then grabbing a crepe from a street vendor for dessert makes me swoon. I've longed for a halfway decent experience, but ever since Brasserie Le Coz closed, I've been disappointed.  This is the one food area Atlanta has been lacking.

Until now.

The folks from Cake & Ale have graced our town with their latest offering, Bread & Butterfly.  This place has a perfect setting in Inman park and is marked by gorgeous, simple details. I am particularly smitten by the open space where they throw open the doors when Atlanta weather cooperates, and, let's face it, Atlanta is at least as pleasant as Paris when it comes to temperatures!The tea is fresh brewed and comes in a self-service carafe (I love this!).There is no artificial sweetener, but with simple syrup available, I couldn't quibble.  Details! Details!So the atmosphere was fabulous, but what about the food?  I split my meal with my niece Lindsay who is at least as opinionated as I am about what she eats. We started with the onion and mushroom "dip" sandwich with ooooey-gooooey-strinnnngy cheese.

Imagine a french dip without the roast beef, but all of the flavor.

My goodness.


Fantastic.I had to get you a close up.Look at that toasted crust.  Beautiful. Perfection.

Then we ordered the special open-faced sandwich with ham (I forgot to note the variety - but it was in the Bayonne vein of things). This was served with baby lettuce, pickles, and drizzled with a mustard sauce.


Also so fabulous.Clearly, two dishes does not a restaurant make, but every morsel was just exactly what we were hoping for! I cannot WAIT to explore more of this menu.If you get there before me, please message me your favorites. Bread & Butterfly is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy!