Do you believe in yourself?

I am on a crazy, wonderful, ridiculously out-of-my-comfort-zone career path. When people ask me how my new ventures are going, my answer is, "progress is slower than I had hoped, but more fun than I imagined."

For me, that equation nets out to a "win," but there are plenty of days when I question my sanity.  I wonder if my goals aren't too lofty and whether my ambition for coaching, leading, and producing stories which are different than the "norm" (whatever that is) is too far flung.

Maybe I should opt for safer, more predictable path than the life of an entrepreneur.

And then, encouragement comes.

I wrote about battling discouragement a couple of weeks ago and here I am, days later, finding more encouragement.  Funny how there always seems to be a little extra wind in my sails right when I need it.

This time I see a wise nugget in my son's homework.

He was asked to set goals and then write how he can meet his goals.  His concise answers are below:


Three bullets.

Ten words.

Practice - Think really hard - To think I can do it

If you're like me, the first two steps feel obvious, but the swagger of step three is more challenging.  Working hard and using your best thinking aren't enough.

You have to believe you can do it.

Don't skip that part especially because you CAN do it!