20 Occasions When You Should Say "Never"


With all due respect to Justin Bieber's call to "never say 'never,'" there ARE occasions where saying "never" is a wise decision.  In fact, you should say Never with authority and conviction. I threw this question out to some friends and we came out with 20 nevers.  See if you agree...

1. Never eat cheap sushi.

2. Never wear lip gloss on a windy day.

3. Never share a water bottle with a child.

4. Never wear white around a puppy.

5. Never salt your dish before tasting.

6. Never order spaghetti and meatballs on a first date.  Actually, ordering spaghetti or lasagna at an Italian restaurant is a total waste of a meal.

7. Never go to Orlando (or anywhere in FL) if you're in a hurry.  The Land of the Mouse speeds up for no one.

8. Never say anything in front of kids that you don't want repeated.

9. Never drink milk past its date...it turns rotten at 12:59am on said date! This goes for all meats as well.

10. Never let your gas tank go below the 1/4th line in cold weather.

11. Never ignore your child when they say, "my tummy hurts" in the car...they're about to leave a souvenir!

12. Never stand in front of a functioning microwave...you'll cause harm to your eggs...your lady eggs!

13. Never eat a nut that's fallen out of its shell in a bag of nuts; it's poisonous.

14. Never attempt to catch Santa in the act; you'll ruin all future Christmases.

15. Never ride in an unmarked NYC cab!

16. Never drive on the roads during snow in Atlanta!

17. Never decide to cut your hair when you're emotional.

18. Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

19. Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

20. And, of course, never wear sandals when you're walking a horse.

OK - maybe a few of those are arguable, but don't quibble with technicalities!  What have I missed?  What do you treat as absolute nevers?