Dining Out: New York's Urbanspace Vanderbilt

Believe it or not, there are pockets in New York City where finding great food at a decent price can be tricky. Seriously.

Take the East Side of Midtown, my corporate home away from home for 25+ years.


There's fabulous sushi, incredible steaks, and some terrific ethnic food.  However, the run-out-at-lunch-and-grab-something leaves you choosing between Pret-a-Manger (not bad, but not special) and grocery store deli counters (how many sandwiches do you really want in a week?). Grand Central Station is the exception to the rule with Oyster Bar, The Campbell Apartment, and Shake Shack, but mentally I can't get my head around great food where I commute. Trust me. If you find yourself at Grand Central go outside and around the block to discover a new, fabulous lunch spot, Urbanspace on Vanderbilt Avenue at 45th St.  Previously UrbanSpace was a popup market of great dining which showed up in different locations on a periodic basis.  Fortunately, they have found a permanent location RIGHT where Manhattan needed it the most.You'll have to look sharp for the doorway because the signage is surprisingly low key. But not to worry. This place doesn't lack for business.  All of the local working pros know what's up... In fact, the crowds are decidedly untouristy, walking as singles or doubles and lacking any big bags.Seating is definitely NYC, meaning close quarters. The space is basically a high-end food court. But OH the food selection. There was Thai...

  Pizza...it's New York... duh and Seafood   Chinese options, fried chicken, and BBQ. (I live in the South so I don't opt for BBQ on the road.) I was completely in my happy space!

Ultimately I opted for Pad Thai (fantastic).


I also stole a couple of bites from my colleague's chicken pesto crepe. DElish!!! So make a note. Bookmark this page. When you're in New York definitely check out an urban market. I'll be back soon! Can't wait...