Coffee & Innovation


Start with a simple idea.


Think more.

Drink coffee.

Stop thinking.

Start doing.

Hatch a design.

Kill the design.

More coffee.

In the first 13 seconds of this spot there are at least 8 solid innovative tools. (I only count drinking coffee once.)  All of the ideas are practical ways to tackle creativity and to remove barriers to innovation.

The spot continues for another minute and a half and the thoughts fly out at a breath-taking clip.  Take a look.

The action statements from the narrator make for snappy copy, but if you think about the concepts, there's wisdom in the words.

How different would your work look if you simplified your ideas? How would your performance improve if you devoted more time to thinking? When you're tired of thinking, could you dig deep and think more? Do you know when to stop thinking and start doing? Are you capable of killing ideas when they don't work and start again?

As inevitable as innovation appears in hindsight, new ideas are born through unrelenting focus, work, and more than a few cups of coffee.

It's that easy...