5 Reminders from the Newlywed Getaway

getaway car
getaway car

Don't you love weddings? Aside from the birth of a child, there is little else in life that expresses such joy and optimism.

This past weekend we were at my niece's wedding, and I noticed how happy everyone was to put aside their stress for the day in order to celebrate love and marriage.

As the festivities wrapped up, Courtney and Paul ran through a tunnel of bubble-blowing guests and jumped into their waiting car. Soon they sped away, tin cans rattling behind their Jeep, windows filled with graffiti, and a crowd of friends waving farewell.

Watching their "getaway," I realized the tradition of the decorated escape car perfectly fits their transition to being married. Years from now, they may forget some of the details of this day, so it's worth noting what we learned and punctuating what needs to be remembered.

Marriage can be fun

Bust out the streamers, paint with shoe polish, roll down the windows and laugh. So much of life is serious. Be silly with your spouse. Rememberjoy.

You have friends cheering for you

You're not going to walk out to your car after work and find it decorated with encouraging, celebratory messages wishing you the best, but a marriage is different. Your friends and family WANT everything to work out. Even strangers will honk their horns at newlyweds. Best wishes!! God speed!! When life gets difficult, rememberpeople who were waving at the curb.

You don't need much stuff

On one of the happiest days of your life, you drove away with little more than what fits in the back of the car. Sure, your friends slid you some money (gift cards?) and a stash of gifts from Bed, Bath & Beyond, but resources are tight. Stay out of debt and remember to be content with whatever you have.

Tackle the road together

Your new adventures will be fun, scary, challenging, exciting, and altogether unpredictable. No matter. If you keep your marriage strong, you'll travel the road in strength. If you "divide and conquer," the road becomes much more dangerous. Rememberto stick together.

Kiss often

joy billy getaway kiss
joy billy getaway kiss

One of my favorite pictures from our getaway car shows my niece Courtney (the same one we saw get married this last weekend) cringing when she sees me kissing Billy upon our wedding exit. (She's the flower girl, far right). I think she's worked through that. When romance is young, affection is easy. Hold onto that, and always remember to be affectionate.

Finally, I think ANY marriage is improved when you own a convertible, so with the Jeep in the garage, you've already got that going for you! Of course, that's the Californian in me speaking, and that voice isn't always my most reliable...

What have you learned from watching newlyweds?