Bus Stop Lessons

"The person whose problems are all behind them is probably a school bus driver."  - Unknown


Mr. Bobby drives our kids to and from school every day in "The Yellow Sponge Cake" (which is the name the kids gave the school bus based on a week long voting process).  Mr. Bobby thinks it's important that the bus has a name so he took nominations, printed up ballots, and let every kid vote on the name. Mr. Bobby is always doing things like that.

I'm inspired by this man I see every morning for approximately 30 seconds.  Here's a few of things I'm learning from him:

  • Enthusiasm is possible even at 6:50 a.m.  Mr Bobby isn't short with his.
  • Knowing your "customers'" names makes a difference. Our kids light up when he PERSONALLY welcomes them aboard.
  • Celebrate good behavior and great attitudes.  The bus can be a tenuous place ... especially knowing that the child to adult ratio is somewhere around 65 to 1.  The easy default is to establish a kingdom of punishment and fear.  Mr Bobby encourages, celebrates great days, and isn't short on prizes or stickers for good behavior. Carrot always beats stick!
  • Remember to bring chocolate for every possible holiday.  (St Patrick's day was Oreos with green filling!)
  • A reliable, on-time schedule makes everyone happy. This just goes to show that fun and enthusiasm can also be planned and orderly.
  • Friday sing-a-longs, at full volume, with the windows D-O-W-N  make a great start to the weekend.  Universal truth.  Bam.

If you ask my kids, Mr. Bobby might be the greatest bus driver ever.  I tend to agree with them.  In fact, in honor of Mr. Bobby, on my drive home today I'm going to roll my windows down and sing-a-long LOUDLY with the radio...

Watch out Atlanta commuters!!