Where Are You Going?

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving."
Oliver Wendell Holmes


Do you ever get hyper-focused on current circumstances?

Maybe the season you face is filled with challenges: financial struggles, relationship tensions, physical difficulties. Or perhaps you're simply tired of the routine: the long commute, the early alarm, the relentless pile of laundry. 

We all have a list of things that wear us out...but have you ever thought to be grateful for those challenges? Have you ever considered challenges are precisely what we need to grow? That difficulties are what make our lives richer, our experiences more full, and our connections with others more authentic? 

Robert Frost famously said, "the best way out is always through" and I think he's right. His words remind me that so long as I lean into today's challenges, I'm moving in the right direction.

Real trouble starts when I try to insulate myself from pain; when I numb my feelings, bury my head, or cover my ears.

I have to consider not merely where I stand, but where I'm headed.

Where are you going?