#142 - The Two Crucial Skills Every Kid Needs to Learn (Replay)


Do you know the most important part of your kid’s education process? In this week’s podcast Billy & Joy discuss one guy’s opinion that the best education focuses on just two things. Check out the quote below and decide if you agree!

Seth Godin quote

“ Sooner or later parents have to take responsibility for putting their kids into a system that is indebting them and teaching them to be cogs in an economy that doesn’t want cogs anymore. Parents get to decide. I’m a huge fan of public school … But from 3 to 10 those kids are getting homeschooled, and they’re either getting homeschooled watching the Flintstones or they’re getting homeschooled in learning something useful. And I think we need to teach kids two things: one, how to lead, and two, how to solve interesting problems.

There are plenty of countries on earth where people are willing to be obedient and work harder for less money than us. So we cannot out-obedience the competition. Therefore we have to out lead or out solve the other people … who want whatever is scarce. The way you teach your kid to solve interesting problems is to give them interesting problems to solve. And then, don’t criticize them when they fail. Kids aren’t stupid. If they get in trouble every time they try to solve an interesting problem, they’ll just go back to getting an A by memorizing what’s in the textbook …

We don’t need to have them spend a lot of time getting good grades so they can get into a famous college, because famous colleges don’t work anymore. Famous colleges don’t work anymore. The point is, is there an entity that will have trouble living without you when you seek to earn a living? Because if there is, you’ll be able to make a living. If on the other hand you’re waiting in the placement office for someone to pick you, you will be persistently undervalued. “

Talk about this:

What are practical ways we can get our kids to practice leadership?

What are my tendencies that might undermine their leadership process?

What are interesting problem solving skills we can give our kids this week?

What are my tendencies that might undermine their problem-solving process?

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