#64 - Talking To Kids About Temptation


How do you teach your kids to delay gratification? How do you articulate why waiting for something is better than having it immediately? What’s your plan for equipping your children for dealing with a lifetime of temptation?

In this episode Billy and Joy review approaches to these questions and encourage you to keep taming the appetites that can control old and young alike! 

Talk about this:

What is my kids’ unique “temptation profile” these days? What tempts them most?

What is their ability to say NO these days? Am I dialed in on if I am asking too much or too little of my child based on his/her age and development?

How open do I think my kids are to talking to me about what tempts them? What can I do to normalize this conversation?

What can I do in this season to help them build up the muscle to fight temptation?

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