#52 - How Family of Origin Impacts Your Marriage


Have you ever looked at your spouse cross-eyed and wondered, “Why are you like that?” only to meet their family and then understand? In this episode Billy and Joy talk about how our family of origin impacts our marriage and why we need to get this connections out in the open. They discuss triggers and how to build empathy through understanding our background.

Talk about this:

  1. How do you think your/my childhood home influences our home and marriage... for better or worse? What seems to be a specific tension for us?
  2. What tendencies are responses TOWARD upbringing? What tendencies are responses AWAY from upbringing?
  3. What is the healthiest way forward for use to address these tensions?
  4. What are some good prompts, agreements, or reminders we can use to short-cut the impact of the negative habits?

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