You Can Improve Your Imagination Today

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”Mark Twain


When I feel stuck, uninspired, or discouraged, I blame my imagination.

I know, intellectually, there are few problems which don't improve with a strong dose of creative thinking.  When my imagination falters, so does my resourcefulness and courage.

So why am I'm not always up for inventing new solutions or dreaming of alternative realities?

I was reviewing notes in The Artist's Way & my Morning Pages this weekend, and I found the answer in this oh-so-convicting thought by Brenda Ueland:

"Imagaination needs moodling- long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling, and puttering."

I avoid the inefficient and I'm not a fan of dawdling.

I am not happy idling, though I can tolerate a bit of puttering.

And moodling is missing in my life and my vocabulary (though I looked it up here and I like it!).

No wonder my imagination gets anemic. Creativity needs time to play and won't be rushed.

If you're like me, it would be wise to slow down in life and maybe, as a result, speed up the imagination.

How can you make some time to moodle?