Why You Should Move Toward Messy People


"People are messy; therefore relationships will be messy. Don't be surprised by messiness." Tim Keller

I have friend who always describes herself as "a hot mess."

She says it for the laugh, but she also says it as fair warning. She's like a walking version of "truth in advertising" and she wants everyone to know expect to deal with a messy person.

I love her candor ("hot mess" isn't an exaggeration), but more importantly, I love how she reminds me that relationships and messes are always linked.

Maybe you don't consider yourself a "mess" since you NEVER...

lock your keys in your cardisobey snap at friends show intolerance cut anyone off in traffic act demandingyell at your kidsflakeact meanwillfully misunderstandare impoliteembrace the negativeforgetover-react etc., etc., etc.

Maybe everything in your life and world is neat and tidy. Perhaps it's just me and my "hot mess" friend who live with disorder and require a bit of patience.

Sure, there is a wide spectrum of chaos and there are times when it's best to steer clear of the chronic "bad decision maker," but that's not my point (today).

Today, I want you to think about how well you respond to the rigors of relationships. How well do you respond when even the most steady of friends disappoints you?

Do you give grace?

Are you patient?

Will you forgive easily?

Rather than being surprised by the messes people bring to your relationships, look for the problem areas and be a friend to the person regardless.

Isn't that what you want on your bad days?